Why Resist?

Shop • Donate to the HIAS • Support your fellow human being
The American government's lack of response in 2016 to the international refugee crisis was an alarming wake-up call for myself and many others. Followed by the racial bias and blatant discrimination Donald Trump's presidential campaign invoked, I wanted to find a way to be more actively supportive for those who don't have a voice. LOWLOW NYC is my biggest outlet to do so, and I hope that this company can positively contribute to refugees and immigrants enduring hardships and persecution in the United States. To those who are marching, demonstrating, protesting– much love and stay safe.
-Vivian Loh, Founder of LOWLOW NYC
Featuring powerful images by graphic designer, May Kim, the t-shirts call for attention, unity, and power. Stand with us as we say "NO BAN NO WALL", "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" and "REFUGEES WELCOME".
Resist the negative power structures in this country. Resist silence and passivity.
For every Resist Tee sold, LOWLOW NYC will donate $20 to the HIAS, an organization dedicated to protecting, reestablishing, and assisting refugees in the United States.
Special thanks to May Kim for creating such stunning designs, styling assistant/model Bianca Nieves, models Christopher McCarthy and Hanna Kim. Photography and styling by Vivian Loh.