Artist Interview:
Michelle Yue
Chances are, you've seen her on Instagram. Maybe you were lucky enough to catch her on MySpace or Xanga. Michelle Yue is an Internet-age babe with a strong sense of style, even stronger personality, and feet planted firmly on the ground IRL. Her many passions, whether it be in fashion, art, or music, keep her constantly driven to create new things, and she always has a knack for making them look easy. Michelle is your 21st-century-getting-what-she-wants-and-gives-no-fucks woman of the future that you've always wanted to know. In this collaboration, LOWLOW takes it's first steps into the realm of jewelry with Shopnonhuman's guiding hands. The connection was natural, electric, and full of love and positivity– we hope our Logo Earrings will make you feel the same when you wear them.
Caroline wears the Logo Earrings
shot, styled, and edited by Vivian Loh

MICHELLE YUE photo by Vivian Loh

LOWLOW NYC: What made you fall in love with plexiglass?

MICHELLE YUE: It's a material that has always appealed to me– in furniture, architecture, jewelry, etc. To me, it is associated with futurism. It's also hypoallergenic. I have sensitive skin, and I wanted to create using a material that didn't react with my skin. ;) Also... it's shiny and transparent!

What's your favorite piece you've ever designed?

It's really hard to say. I think that the Lucite Collar is still my favorite piece.

You also sing and create your own music. When did that passion for music start?

I started messing around with making music when I was 20, but I had classical piano training from age 8 to 15. I picked up a midi keyboard and started writing in Garage Band. Then... I started a band when I was 23 called Monorose. I have played in 3 other friends' bands, and I also worked on a project called Matsu Mixu for the last 3 years. Making music has always been a cathartic practice for me.

Why call your brand Nonhuman?

I used to fashion blog under "Missnonhuman," and before that, my AOL IM username was that since I was 15. Haha. It's meant to imply the nonhuman realms, whatever they may be to you.

When you're not glamming or working, how do you like to spend your time?

I lové to dance. ;)

Cats or dogs?


Find Michelle at and @shopnonhuman

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