Artist Interview:
Adam Amram
He's one cool dude.
Elle wears the Adam Tee
shot by Vivian Loh


LOWLOW NYC: You've been making art for a long time– possibly your whole life! Do you remember the first time you became attracted to making art?

ADAM AMRAM: As long as I can remember I've had an affinity for art making. For me, I believe my relationship to art began with images being the most accessible means of understanding. There was no learning curve to representational imagery, and often words seemed so much more indirect then these images. As early as Kindergarten or First-grade, I remember having this incredibly energized art teacher, Mr. Polly (Mr. Polly, if ever you wander upon this get in touch!) trying to tackle Impressionism in art class. Not many, if any of the kids in class grasped what Impressionism was, but I do remember a handful of them, including myself, completely engaged and mesmerized with the idea of pointillism; the concept of small dots of different hues, coming together to describe a larger field of color. This I understood somehow, and never really forgot about.

What is your favorite thing/creature/being to draw right now?

I really enjoy drawing things that posses a tremendous symbolic potential, and that might evoke an energy or mood or feeling that could contribute to or contest the larger narrative in the work. I've been fascinated by ants and include them in a lot of my work, because I feel like they insert a great sense of scale, or lack there of, by being an organism that functions independently within a microcosm of their own, while simultaneously existing along side us in our human microcosm that we often consider the absolute reality of everything and anything. In this relationship, one might start to see just how small we are or rather how large of a space we exist within. Ants also abide by hierarchies within their colonies, each having a crucial role in the success of the colony as a whole, a parallel that can sometimes be seen in human behavior. Aside from that, they've got this great form that allows for a lot of visual play - what once was an ant, might become a caterpillar, which might now be the moon, or just the dew on a flower.

From your hometown in Georgia, to Baltimore, and now Philly, which is your favorite place to call home?

This is a hard question so I'll try and answer it in a few round about ways. So I've now only lived in Philly for a year and some change. I feel like that's way too short of a time to call any place home, that being said, I lucked out and live in this really beautiful apartment, where I currently have a home studio, with tons of windows, great lighting, and a freight elevator, with a loading dock, so its a dreamy situation. Philly is awesome too, still learning a lot about the city and it's art community, so far I'm really enjoying it. Baltimore felt a lot more like home, that's where I went to school and lived for a bit afterwards. It was really a place where I had/made some of the most important relationships of my life. Also, Baltimore has some absolutely amazing artist run spaces to see work, (although that seems to be in flux right now as the city is developing a lot) and an incredibly supportive community. As for Georgia, that is where I'd have to say my roots are really planted. It's there that my family lives, and where I mostly grew up (I was born in Haifa, Israel, and lived there until I was four, so I have a special connection to Israel as well as a lot of family there). In Georgia, I always had a really supportive space to make and pursue art, and Atlanta will remain the first city that charged me with energy like no other place had done before.

What color is important to you and why?

Purple. It wasn't always a favorite color for me, and I've only recently discovered its magic. Although its often a cool (tonally speaking) color, It has this warm intake, maybe because of its synthetic make up or something, its got a funky energy that has a lot of depth. It can be used in so many ways. Try using it in place of white and see what I mean. For me, purple feels like it most often exudes a mood of calm but that there might be something deeper inside that place of composure, that if discovered could really disturb that calmness. Purple gives the space to get weird, and I like getting weird, if it does something productive for my work.

Favorite food when you need a pick-me-up?

A Dunkin Donut coffee, cream, no sugar, with a blueberry donut, but that's not a given, the donut choice is always the variable!

Find Adam at and @adam_amram_

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